The Durrus Compliance Diagnostics Story

Born out of a financial services research centre that was funded by Irish government development agencies and hosted by University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, Durrus Compliance Diagnostics emerged as a UCC spin-out company in early 2017.

Durrus was set up to commercialise many years of industry-led research into Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and risk awareness by an expert team that, in collaboration with industry partners, produced the AML Maturity Model Suite©.

The AML Maturity Model Suite© comprises of three separate product offerings based upon the original foundational research that produced the AML Maturity Model (AML-MM). The products are the AML Cultural Diagnostic (AML-CD), the AML Performance Diagnostic (AML PD), and most recently the AML Directors Diagnostic (AML-DD). Details of our product offerings are available here.

What we do

Durrus uses innovative methodologies to rapidly and cost effectively assess an institution’s AML control structures and to measure AML cultural embedding for effective AML compliance and risk awareness.

Durrus Compliance Diagnostics works collaboratively with its clients to provide objective assessment of the appropriateness, proportionality & effectiveness of the institution’s AML regime. In particular Durrus provides a means for organizations to measure and understand their AML culture and establish internal benchmarks of cultural embedding across their business. It does this by leveraging methodologies proven in other domains to apply a rigorous approach to assessing the behaviours and attitudes that define AML culture.